Atlassian SourceTree, Git and non-standard port

Posted in Git on Sep 07, 2017

How to specify port for git repository in Atlassian SourceTree.

Git for Windows + KDiff3

Posted in Git on Aug 17, 2017

How to setup KDiff3 as mergetool and difftool in Git for Windows

Git for Windows - custom home directory

Posted in Git on Aug 03, 2017

How to change home directory *~/home*, for example to store SSH keys in other location.

Qt Deploy on Windows

Posted in QtFramework on Jul 23, 2017

How to collect DLLs, what are required to run Qt application with dinamic linking.

Qt Static Build on Windows with MinGW

Posted in QtFramework on Jul 19, 2017

How to build Qt Static on Windows with MinGW to get Qt application without depencies from Qt dynamic link libraries.

Zyxel Keenetic + NameCheap DDNS

Posted on Jun 10, 2017

Настройка DDNS от Namecheap на роутере Zyxel Keenetic.

Installation and setup Eclipse, STM32CubeMX under Windows (v2).

Posted in STM32 on Feb 21, 2017

Manual was updated due to changes from previous version of CubeMX. Installation and setup development environment for STM32, with Eclipse, STM32CubeMX, GNU ARM Embedded, GNU ARM Eclipse Plugins. MCU: STM32F103RET6. Video:

Graphic OLED display 0.96"

Posted in Display, LCD Image Converter on Sep 29, 2016

OLED дисплей 0.96".

Creating image for STM32 Discovery BSP

Posted in LCD Image Converter, STM32 on Sep 18, 2016

How to create an image in "С" format for using with STM32F429I-Disco and same boards with BSP (Board Support Package).

Программное подавление дребезга контактов

Posted in STM32 on Sep 16, 2016

Программное подавление дребезга контактов клавиатуры на микроконтроллере, с использование прерываний. Алгоритм и демонстрация.